Saturday, February 28, 2009

DeeJay Mirandom's "Lyrics For Show" @ Gallery Bar

Wassup My People!!

I know, I know, it's been forever.. my computer was out of commission for an eternity, then my camera broke (boo hoo) then the holidays came and well... let me stop shelling out excuses and get back to the point...


So.. I have been roaming the streets of NYC over the past couple of months and have collected a variety of shots from different events, including some new personal things.. I will eventually get to uploading and sharing everything, but for now, lets start with my latest event...

DJ Mirandom's
@ Gallery Bar

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Let me tell you, as always... she delivered...

Her pieces were incredible, from the color to the style to the songs represented.. the crowd was infused with different auras, including fellow artists, musicians, fashionistas, photographers, dee jays.. and well people that were just enjoying the views....

Here are some shots from that night...

The Deej...

LOVED the hair... and the tats!

One of my favorites pieces... raunchy baby!

Bartender kept the Stella's going.. 

Pretty much an A class event.. can't wait for the next one!!

To check out some more photos, go to:

DJ Mirandom's Lyrics For Show @ Gallery Bar

Stayed tuned for more to come!! 

Love you all... 



Tuesday, August 19, 2008





Lemme Show You How We...

the very next morning at three different locations, including YUME, Frank White, & Not Just Vintage (NJV) ...


& Cee the Photographer

Went to go eat some good food..

Make some new friends...

And say wassup to old ones (Holler Lichiban!...)

We checked out the performances...

Jesse Boykins killed the stage..

Raye 6 and Theophillus London did their thaaaaaang

the bands rocked hard...

The poets spit fire..

and so much more!!

Check out more photos @

to see what else happened in ...

Safe Journeys,


Sputnick: When Boy Meets Girl

When Boy Meets Girl started off the weekend right on Friday, August 8th at Sputnick in Brooklyn... The Lady MC's rocked the stage that night, as well as the Fellas, and the bands played their hearts out, as usual... Here are some sneak peek photos, for more, click the link below..

peace and blessings,


Tuesday, August 5, 2008